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Artificial ice

Artificial ice

We create the effect of ice. For this purpose we use ice pastes and gels, silicone, semi- and transparent plastics, chemicals and resins - all depending on the desired effect, shape of the product and its properties.

Ice paste – the material used when creating the effect of frost on the human body or animals hair, it dissolved in water.

Ice gel – a product to cover any surface with a layer of artificial ice, very flexible, gel pieces in solid form have density less than the density of water - they float on it.

Silicone – arising products may be transparent or milky, depending on the additives used, are flexible.

Plastics – used in the production of light elements that imitate the ice (floating ice too), including lumps of artificial ice, ice cubes, crushed ice and ice icicles.

Chemicals – to create all the elements of artificial hot ice.

Resins - used in the production of heavier and larger overall dimensions of elements simulating the ice, including blocks and sheets of artificial ice, ice cubes, crushed ice, icicles.

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