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The beginning of the company dates back to 2007.

Activities in the film industry started as a subcontractor companies engaged in the construction of scenery, props and models.

In 2009 the company was reorganized and change the form of business activity from one-man company to a limited liability company.

Since 2010, thanks to our experience and technical knowledge, we are an independent contractor providing services related to building decoration, special effects and set design. We have a few staff team, our own fleet of machines and equipment, workshop and storage rooms in which we develop our passion and raise the skill level.

Our team is often involved in major film and advertising projects. So far, the company had the opportunity to work for the implementation of the Tempus Film, Media Brigade and Graffiti Film.

Our services include building decoration, creating special effects and winter effects, creating setsbuilding of exhibition stands, a comprehensive implementation of museum exhibitions, props reconstruction, sewing costumes, constructing and renting of machinery and equipment used in film and advertising.

To meet the client, we also sell under their own brand of finished products used to create special effects of winter.

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Maciej Janiszewski
Chairman of the Board
Janiszewski Sp. z o.o.


Business insurance

All held by the company Janiszewski works are insured up to 1.000.000 zloty.


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