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This product is ideal for creating the effect of icy snow covering the walls of caves and igloo...

The wax we applied is a product used to create the effect of the white ice-covered surface.

This product is ideal for creating the effect of icy winter snow covering the interior walls of caves or igloo.

Using it in combination with products finishing outer surface we are able to get the effect of a thick layer of frost.

For this purpose we use:

  • powder snow [link: sztuczny puch śniegowy]
  • artificial plastic snow
  • artificial snow spray

The combination of wax and one of these products makes it possible to get improbable, almost circumpolar effect.

Artificial frost spray

To create the effect of frost we use commercially available products...

To create the effect of frost we use commercially available products bearing in mind of professional applying on the decorated surface.
Without professional use is impossible getting desired effect.

Artificial sodium snow

Sodium snow is the cheapest version of sparkling snow on the market, sodium frost put on the glass with a sponge or cotton...

Sodium snow, properly prepared, is a biodegradable product perfectly imitating the sparkling snow.

Sodium frost as well as sodium snow is produced by exothermic chemical reactions applied to the galss using a sponge or cotton wool, due to the smell recommended to use outside. Wash with warm water, there is no need to windows of his remains.

Artificial paper snow

We offer two types of snow in three different cellulosic fiber sizes and five color variations...

Artificial paper snow (cellulose snow, cellulose) we used is divided into two main groups, depending on the place of intended use:

  • non-flammable (to decorate the indoor such as theaters, shop windows, studio)
  • ecological (mainly used on the outside, does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals)

Both of these products are waterproof and stable during operation, even in very difficult  weather conditions (rain, snow or wind).

Artificial cellulose snow occurs in the following color variations:

  • arctic white
  • white
  • yellow-white
  • gray
  • black
  • other colors on request

Artificial paper snow is used by us to create the effects of lying snow, falling snow and even the effect of frost, depending on the size of the cellulose fibers used. We offer our Clients a cellulose fibers diameter ranging from 2 to 9 mm (fine, standard, medium).

Artificial snow powder

Snow powder is very light and fine-grained substance used to create the effect of snow lying...

Snow powder is very light and fine-grained mineral substance used to create the effect of lying snow  prone even on gentle air movement and to obtain a frost.

This product is only in white, is an environmentally neutral, biodegradable.

Artificial snow spray

Artificial snow spray acts as a decorative laying snow and and falling foam snow...

Snow in spray comes in two versions - decorative lying and falling.

Artificial lying snow spray, because of its consistency, the time it is applied to the surface and the final appearances is widely used in the field of special effects.

It is used to quickly mask flaws in the winter plan, perfectly imitate the frost or freeze and of itself is used to decorate a small space to give the impression of light snow-covered. Our company cars are always equipped with at least a few packs of it...

Artificial falling snow spray is a foam-based product. However, the foam used to create the winter effects has different durability and distribution opportunieties.

Spray falling snow does not require additional equipment or power source.

Durability of this product is almost negligible, it maintained no longer than 10 minutes. The main advantage is that it leaves no trace on the actors dressing, which is related to its chemical composition.

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