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Artificial ice

We create effects with the use of artificial ice on the basis of paste and ice gel, silicone, plastics, chemicals and resin...

We create the effect of ice. For this purpose we use ice pastes and gels, silicone, semi- and transparent plastics, chemicals and resins - all depending on the desired effect, shape of the product and its properties.

Ice paste – the material used when creating the effect of frost on the human body or animals hair, it dissolved in water.

Ice gel – a product to cover any surface with a layer of artificial ice, very flexible, gel pieces in solid form have density less than the density of water - they float on it.

Silicone – arising products may be transparent or milky, depending on the additives used, are flexible.

Plastics – used in the production of light elements that imitate the ice (floating ice too), including lumps of artificial ice, ice cubes, crushed ice and ice icicles.

Chemicals – to create all the elements of artificial hot ice.

Resins - used in the production of heavier and larger overall dimensions of elements simulating the ice, including blocks and sheets of artificial ice, ice cubes, crushed ice, icicles.


On special request, we are able to design, manufacture and install a installation for covering a surface of real ice layer...

With the ability to use the properties of chemical substances and compounds, knowledge of sanitary installation design and physical laws we can cover almost any surface with ice, even on days with temperature above zero.

First of all we have to see the terrain, check the weather and have to know size of the ice shell to make an individual valuation of our service.

Therefore, please submit requests via the contact form below to determine the feasibility.

Please provide the location of the planned event, the approximate date and exact size of the surface to be covered with a ice shell.

Artificial hail

This is a new product on the market of winter effects...

A new product on the market of winter special effects.

Thanks to the original composition of the substance and application it is possible to obtain a very realistic audio-visual effect of falling hail.


This product is ideal for creating the effect of icy snow covering the walls of caves and igloo...

The wax we applied is a product used to create the effect of the white ice-covered surface.

This product is ideal for creating the effect of icy winter snow covering the interior walls of caves or igloo.

Using it in combination with products finishing outer surface we are able to get the effect of a thick layer of frost.

For this purpose we use:

  • powder snow [link: sztuczny puch śniegowy]
  • artificial plastic snow
  • artificial snow spray

The combination of wax and one of these products makes it possible to get improbable, almost circumpolar effect.

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