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Laying snow

Laying snow

Artificial paper snow

We offer two types of snow in three different cellulosic fiber sizes and five color variations...

Artificial paper snow (cellulose snow, cellulose) we used is divided into two main groups, depending on the place of intended use:

  • non-flammable (to decorate the indoor such as theaters, shop windows, studio)
  • ecological (mainly used on the outside, does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals)

Both of these products are waterproof and stable during operation, even in very difficult  weather conditions (rain, snow or wind).

Artificial cellulose snow occurs in the following color variations:

  • arctic white
  • white
  • yellow-white
  • gray
  • black
  • other colors on request

Artificial paper snow is used by us to create the effects of lying snow, falling snow and even the effect of frost, depending on the size of the cellulose fibers used. We offer our Clients a cellulose fibers diameter ranging from 2 to 9 mm (fine, standard, medium).

Artificial snow powder

Snow powder is very light and fine-grained substance used to create the effect of snow lying...

Snow powder is very light and fine-grained mineral substance used to create the effect of lying snow  prone even on gentle air movement and to obtain a frost.

This product is only in white, is an environmentally neutral, biodegradable.

Artificial snow plastic

Artificial snow plastic is a perfect material to create effects of lying and falling snow...

Artificial snow plastic is a perfect material to create effects of lying and falling snow. It comes in several varieties so it is very popular material used to create winter special effects. Ideal for creating winter effects inside but can be successfully applied outside.

The products we use are either refractory (for indoor) or not treated (outside), no pollen in their distribution on the area. We offer snow effects using products with a weight of 1 up to 8 mm (fine, standard, medium). 

Artificial organic snow

Artificial snow used in difficult accessible locations...

In hard to reach places use organic snow - usually these treatments save time and reduce costs generated during the cleaning of the set after the shooting. Organic snow is used only as lying snow, rapidly biodegradable, is safe for the environment, does not leave a trace - a 100% natural.

Unfortunately, its use is quite limited and not for use on a large scale in the decoration of large objects - is not stable ander conditions of rain or even in the case of high humidity, sensitive to air movement (for example: wind).

Artificial mineral snow

Artificial mineral snow is used by us to create the icy sparkling snow effect...

Decorating with artificial mineral snow allows to get the icy snow effect occuring in nature during the winter/spring.

Product we applied is harmless to the environment and biodegradable.

This product distribution on the grassy does not cover the upper parts of plants, in contrast to other light products imitating snow:

  • snow powder
  • paper snow.

The final result is obtained only in the lowest parts of the plant cover.

Artificial mineral snow can also be used to obtain a sparkling effect (creaking under the pressure of shoes, tires) - more information can be found in:

  • artificial sparkling snow.

Instant artificial snow

Instant snow is a novelty on the market of winter special effects...

This product is the latest generation of snow imitation products and winter effects made with its use does not differ visually from the real snow.
Suitable for creating the effect of lying snow.

Due to its composition and how it is achieved by using the final product it has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few:

  • as an intermediate product occupies very little space - the final volume can be increased up to 80 times its original size, 
  • is 100-percent biodegradable only after 5 years - so it is very durable product,
  • appropriate choice of granularity and final texture allows to create snow balls and throw them,
  • the internal polymer structure allows You to adjust the final visual effect of artificial snow,
  • are reflected in the traces of pedestrians, animals and the tread of vehicles, 
  • kneaded under pressure - the effect of objects collapsing in the snow drifts, 
  • the final product is not stable in case of rain, it is not dissolved but is distorted and loses its consistency desirable effect

The only thing that differentiates our product from real snow is it's temperature - snow is obtained the ambient temperature which means that in summer it will be warm and in the winter it will be cold, and durability - does not melt at temperatures above zero...

Artificial snow foam

The product in often used as background of the set, in places where will be no action...

This product is ideal for obtaining a thick layer of artificial snow, often used as the background of the plan in areas where no action is set. However, not suitable for close-ups in the scenes  where the actor interacts with laying artificial snow. Imitate both lying and falling snow. Ecological product, no adverse impact on the environment and does not require cleaning after the shooting.

Snow foam used to create the effect of falling snow, using professional equipment, allows to adjust the size of falling snow flakes in the range from 1 to 15 mm in diameter.
With such a large range, using additional equipment, it is possible to create very credible result from slight fallout of small snow flakes up to a snowstorm with a huge flakes of snow.

Take a look at other product based on the foam:

  • artificial falling snow spray.

The spraying is very simple, do not need additional equipment. With skillful use allows to have a nice effect of falling snow in a small frame.

Artificial snow spray

Artificial snow spray acts as a decorative laying snow and and falling foam snow...

Snow in spray comes in two versions - decorative lying and falling.

Artificial lying snow spray, because of its consistency, the time it is applied to the surface and the final appearances is widely used in the field of special effects.

It is used to quickly mask flaws in the winter plan, perfectly imitate the frost or freeze and of itself is used to decorate a small space to give the impression of light snow-covered. Our company cars are always equipped with at least a few packs of it...

Artificial falling snow spray is a foam-based product. However, the foam used to create the winter effects has different durability and distribution opportunieties.

Spray falling snow does not require additional equipment or power source.

Durability of this product is almost negligible, it maintained no longer than 10 minutes. The main advantage is that it leaves no trace on the actors dressing, which is related to its chemical composition.

Artificial sparkle snow

Artificial sparkle snow is available in two versions...

Artificial sparkle snow is available in two variants:

  • artificial mineral snow (semi-transparent particles with diameters from 1 to 5 mm)
  • the sparkle snow, plastic-based.

It is possible to obtain the desired effect with a single dedicated product, any combination of them or mixed with other snow products. 

This product is often used in combination with:

  • artificial glittering snow,

which allows to achieve the effect glittering in the sun, the icy structure which sparkle under pressure from feet of passers-by or wheels of vehicles (creaking under the pressure of shoes, tires).

Artificial glittering snow

Glistening or glittering snow is mostly used as an additive to the effect created by another snow product...

Artificial glistening snow is used mostly in connection with any product, simulating lying snow, in addition giving the effect of the sun glittering on the snow surface. 

Often used in combination with the

  • sparkle snow,

will result an effect of frosty and sunny day.

Artificial sodium snow

Sodium snow is the cheapest version of sparkling snow on the market, sodium frost put on the glass with a sponge or cotton...

Sodium snow, properly prepared, is a biodegradable product perfectly imitating the sparkling snow.

Sodium frost as well as sodium snow is produced by exothermic chemical reactions applied to the galss using a sponge or cotton wool, due to the smell recommended to use outside. Wash with warm water, there is no need to windows of his remains.

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