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Instant artificial snow

Instant artificial snow

This product is the latest generation of snow imitation products and winter effects made with its use does not differ visually from the real snow.
Suitable for creating the effect of lying snow.

Due to its composition and how it is achieved by using the final product it has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few:

  • as an intermediate product occupies very little space - the final volume can be increased up to 80 times its original size, 
  • is 100-percent biodegradable only after 5 years - so it is very durable product,
  • appropriate choice of granularity and final texture allows to create snow balls and throw them,
  • the internal polymer structure allows You to adjust the final visual effect of artificial snow,
  • are reflected in the traces of pedestrians, animals and the tread of vehicles, 
  • kneaded under pressure - the effect of objects collapsing in the snow drifts, 
  • the final product is not stable in case of rain, it is not dissolved but is distorted and loses its consistency desirable effect

The only thing that differentiates our product from real snow is it's temperature - snow is obtained the ambient temperature which means that in summer it will be warm and in the winter it will be cold, and durability - does not melt at temperatures above zero...

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