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Artificial paper snow

Artificial paper snow

Artificial paper snow (cellulose snow, cellulose) we used is divided into two main groups, depending on the place of intended use:

  • non-flammable (to decorate the indoor such as theaters, shop windows, studio)
  • ecological (mainly used on the outside, does not contain environmentally harmful chemicals)

Both of these products are waterproof and stable during operation, even in very difficult  weather conditions (rain, snow or wind).

Artificial cellulose snow occurs in the following color variations:

  • arctic white
  • white
  • yellow-white
  • gray
  • black
  • other colors on request

Artificial paper snow is used by us to create the effects of lying snow, falling snow and even the effect of frost, depending on the size of the cellulose fibers used. We offer our Clients a cellulose fibers diameter ranging from 2 to 9 mm (fine, standard, medium).

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