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Winter special effects

Winter special effects

Winter special effects department is one of the main branches of our business.
In this field we are testing new materials, equipment and technologies, both for decorating and cleaning of artificial snow. Our studies allow us to create products tailored to individual needs.

Our offer is based not only on the provision of services from the winter effects. Meeting the expectations of contractors, as the only company in Poland, we offer a line of our own products imitating snow and ice. The ratio of quality to price is at present the best and cheapest offer on the Polish market. On request we also can perform services using material from other manufacturers.

Depending on the wishes of the operator, set designer and director, the size of the plan, object location and even the type of substrate on which the effect will be obtained we use different products, or combination of them for optimal results. Own product line of artificial snow and artificial ice was designed with mind of security in environment and people working with them.

Please be informed that the cooperation with us is safe and confident to fulfill the implementation of the contracted work - we have a liability insurance policy.

We offer the services with the use of the products are divided into the following groups:

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