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Mock-up and statue

Mock-up of the battle and the statue of the saint

In the village Bydlin, in the complex of schools, our company installed a glass outside display case on steel construction in the size 2x3 m showing historical battle of Krzywopłoty involving Austrian troops with legionaries of Jozef Pilsudski and the Russian army. Mock-up is divided into four parts:
1. topographic map of the area,
2 view of St. Krzyż top with the ruins of the castle and the cemetery chapel,
3 legionnaires marching through Krzywoploty,
4 the course of battles in the village Zaleze. 

In the village Rodaki was placed an obelisk of St. Anthony with child. The object was made in a mixed technology sculptural and resin casting. Surface layer is finished with fine quartz sand and it's imitate a sandstone. 

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