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Movie, commercial, theatre, TV

Set design for movie, commercial, theatre and TV

Set design for movie, advertising, theater and television is usually performed by a previously prepared concept. Construction of set design in this case aims to present a vision of artistic works created by producers, which greatly limits the works scope for our company.

Here we "hiding in the pocket" our imagination and creativity and focus on execution of specific work. The range of used materials is also usually a few - for the Second World War set design we use wood, mortar, paint or stucco on the basis of polystyrene. Set design for commercials, theater or opera also usually closes within a specified timeframe, which require the use of specific materials and techniques for their application / installation.

In such contracts we focus on the precision of all elements.

More opportunities gives work for television, it is usually contemporary program, which set design is implemented according to a specific project, however, it usually allows the use of one of several alternative materials allowing to obtain required by the Customer effect. Here, in addition to the installation works, we advise which usually allow at least partial reduction of the cost of the production.

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