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Event scenography

Event scenography

Event scenography is a product targeted specifically to event and PR agencies providing comprehensive services for the organization of cultural and corporate events.

We offer our clients to create comprehensive land planning solutions. We focus on creative ideas and concepts to fit individual space possibilities, financial and above all the expectations of our customers.

To meet your requirements we do not limit ourselves only to the simple work because we know how important is the end result - our creativity knows no limits. We try as much as possible to take care of our environment - we love to work on recycled paper, plastics suitable for re-granulating or using natural resources such as water and air. We do not avoid also widely used plastic sheets, vinyl banners or special effect lighting installations. We love to mix and match materials, colors and technologies to obtain unique and unprecedented art forms.

We consult, design and execution of assembly works and the best proof of our efficiency and perfection is constantly widening group of customers.

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